Introduction Thanks to the evolution of medicine and the advancement in pharmacotherapy, a lot of diseases has become a history, while those still lingering around, their severity and situated risk have been greatly reduced, but as the saying goes; “Every rose has a thorn,” so do the Pharmaceutical drugs. A drug is a blessing to humanity,Continue reading “Ecopharmacovigilance”

The pharmacovigilance processes

The basic component of Pharmacovigilance processes is summarized below. Data generation; Data generation is the first stage in pharmacovigilance in which data is sourced from spontaneous reporting or mandatory reporting 1-Spontaneous reporting.  The most common form of adverse drug reaction reporting. Healthcare professionals identify and report any suspected adverse drug reaction to their national pharmacovigilanceContinue reading “The pharmacovigilance processes”

Role of pharmacovigilance in the fight against drug abuse.

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking are no doubt one of the major public health-related issues that are constantly present in our society. According to the research drug use is directly or indirectly responsible for 11.8 million deaths each year. With so many forms of drug abuse and substances of abuse, this article focus on prescriptionContinue reading “Role of pharmacovigilance in the fight against drug abuse.”